OREANDA-NEWS. February 15, 2012. Implementation of ABH MIRATORG investment project on meat cattle breeding goes on in Bryansk region.

In January 16, ocean vessel Ocean Outback delivered the shipment of breeding cattle to Ust-Luga port (Kingisepp district, Leningrad region) from the USA. More than five and half thousand cows were transshipped on Yug-2 multi-profile terminal. Together with breeding cattle, 56 horses and one breeding stud of the world-famous Quarter Horse cowboy breed arrived from the USA. This breed was specially created for ranch work with cattle. Totally, more than 150 units of purpose-designed transport were applied for cattle transportation, 29 of them- are two-level ones.

Two farms were prepared in Bryansk region for the third shipment of Aberdeen-Angus cattle.  Uzha farm was constructed in Trubtchevsk district, and Vetlevka farm- in Mglin district. Accordingly, cattle acceptance was carried out on these two farms at a time. The cattle unloading was performed within 24 hours, by two shifts within two and a half days and nights. More than one hundred persons were ensuring cattle acceptance in Mglin district and eighty persons- in Trubtchevsk district. Thus, one hundred eighty employees from all departments of Bryansk Meat Company LLC were engaged in acceptance process. The company provided winter uniform and footwear,  as well as hot meals and tea with sandwiches for all the participants of cattle acceptance day and night. Cattle acceptance scheme ran like clockwork, and trucks were unloaded within minutes. It is not surprising-each detail of the process was trained several times the day before, and necessary experience had already been gained by the staff of the farms within two previous campaigns for stocking the new farms with the cattle.

Cattle acceptance on both farms was completed on Friday, January 20.  At these days, 5 508 heads of breeding cattle arrived to Bryansk region. Of them, 501 cattle heads are of Category 1, dedicated for reproduction (replacement) of breeding stock. Thus, the total amount of  ABH MIRATORG cattle in Bryansk region made up more than 25 000 heads.

All the animals arrived  are ultimately accustomed  for winter season, all of them have steady hair coat and optimal adipose layer. The livestock specialists of Bryansk Meat Company LLC evaluated all the animals, delivered from the USA, as being in excellent and very good form on arrival, which allows us not to worry about health status of all livestock heads during the period of upcoming frosts.

Cattle mortality on board of the vessel amounted 15 heads and 2 heads were found dead at the moment of acceptance on the farms.  According to the specialists’ opinion, it is the minimum percentage of animals’ withdrawal of all the cattle shipments which have ever been delivered to Bryansk region.

Looking back, about half year ago, the first six thousand heads of Aberdeen-Angus breeding cattle heads arrived to Bryansk region from Australia. Last December, Holding specialists accepted another restocking from Australia: fourteen thousand cattle heads more were placed on the new farms, constructed in Trubtchevsk and Potchep regions of Bryansk region. And now, beginning 2012, the new shipment of breeding cattle arrived from the USA. Thus, eight farms have been stocked in the region today.

All the animals are healthy and placed for quarantine. At present, the set of diagnostic tests and actions on animal disease control are carried out on the farms. They are stipulated by Veterinary Requirements for entry to the customs territory of the Customs union and (or) transfers of breeding and commercial cattle between the Parties, approved by Resolution No.317 of the Customs Union Committee dated 18.06.2010. Laboratory researches have been performed by Reference center of Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary- Federal State Budgetary Institution Bryansk.

By the end of 2012, the total heads amount of cattle breeding stock on the farms of ABH MIRATORG in Bryansk and Kaliningrad regions will make 80 000.