OREANDA-NEWS.  February 16, 2012. FUJITSU SYSTEM SOLUTIONS LIMITED today announced the release of the operations management service, AppRegion for United States of America market. AppRegion provides management functions for systems running on Windows Azure, a Microsoft cloud platform, and ensures operations support and work efficiency.

Due to the recent growing demand for SaaS applications in the enterprise, a corresponding demand for building and deploying systems on Windows Azure is expected to increase. AppRegion provides operations management functions to users of SaaS or application management services. The Windows Azure Management API is the basis for the operations management functions. AppRegion offers, in addition to Windows Azures management capabilities, Tenant Management, Application Auto Allocation, Multi-operator system management, Automated Backup, and Autoscale for SaaS operations or applications management. Moreover, AppRegion has an E-mail notification function, which adds to the efficiency of system operations.

Product Features
Tenant Management

Manages services by registering end users as tenants and allocating space. A dashboard provides a per-tenant view of operating conditions.
Application Auto Allocation

Registers application modules (e.g., applications, SQL scripts, and files) in advance, so that AppRegion can then allocate and provide applications automatically. It helps accelerate the process of providing services to end users.
Multi-operator system management

AppRegion offers multi-operator control for system operation management and seamless control of multiple Windows Azure subscriptions. AppRegion offers many convenient features such as system auditing and prevention of incorrect operation by access control and operation log.
Operations Automation by Schedular

AppRegion has an operations automation function by scheduler. It makes backups (database and Blob Storage) automatic. Moreover, it has an autoscaling function - number of instances is changeable by schedule. E-mail notice of auto execution reduces the burden of operation.