OREANDA-NEWS. February 17, 2012. The most advanced and safest high efficient double strands continuously casting machine (CCM) made its first hot test and get successful in No. 2 SMP in TISCO, reported the press-centre of TISCO.

This CCM is named as 4# CCM in No. 2 SMP (North). It is designed by Siemens-VAI based on the latest safety standard. It is the worldwide most advanced and safetest CCM with high efficiency and double strands. This vertical bending continuously casting machine is featured with highly automation, excellent safety performance and precise control. Its casting speed is up to 2m/min and its product size is up to 2150mm?280mm. Its process technology is internationally top class.

After put into production, the CCM will be able to produce carbon steel slab and some special varieties of silicon steel slab. At the same time, the “bottleneck” problems inhibit steel making production will be resolved, and a strong support will be offered to the optimization of No.2 SMP’s production capability.

Besides, the slab with thickness of 280mm produced by this CCM will greatly improve the internal quality of tooling steel and structural steel in following rolling process, and create a favorable conditions for the development of new variety and the raise of product R&D capability.