OREANDA-NEWS.  February 17, 2012. A conference devoted to the results of implementation of quality policy objectives and goals in 2011 took place at "Perm Engine Company". The chief executives and specialists of OJSC ‘Perm Engine Company", OJSC ‘AviaDvigatel", OJSC ‘Reduktor-PM" and some sub-contracting enterprises took part in the conference.

The reports, characterizing the basic quality factors of the production (engine family PS-90A and industrial gas turbine plant family), were held by Alexey Michalev, "Perm Engine Company" CEO, Alexander Inozemtsev, OJSC "AviaDvigatel" CEO and the General designer, Nicolay Semenov, Michael Hairullin, Daniil Sulimov, OJSC "AviaDvigatel" chief designers, Sergey Tylibtsev, OJSC ‘PMZ" Quality Director and Ivan Bashkatov, OJSC "PMZ" Technical Director. 

During the meeting it was emphasized that the reliability indexes of both aircraft engines and industrial gas turbine plants had been stabilized at the level of 2010. In 2012 the leaders of the enterprises set the goal of fundamental increase of these characteristics.

A special attention was given to the aspects of cooperation with the suppliers of parts, semi-finished products, raw materials and components. Today technological and engineering departments of OJSC ‘PMZ" place particular emphasis to the quality of suppliers' production, and require continuous improvement of its characteristics. Summarizing the results of 2011 the conference participants gave proper respect to the cooperation with OJSC ‘PC "Mashinostroitel": in the fourth quarter of 2011 the recall of the parts, inconsistent with the high standards of the technological processes of "Perm Engine Company" had been almost completely eliminated.