OREANDA-NEWS. February 20, 2012. On February 19, 2012 a meeting of the MICEX-RTS Board of Directors was held. The participants of the meeting were informed of technical glitches occurred during Q4 2011 and measures taken by the Exchange in order to reduce the probability of such failures in the future. The Board of Directors Technical Policy Commission and Audit Commission were instructed to control execution of the plan of action developed by the Exchange at least once a quarter.  The Exchanges senior managers were asked to elaborate procedures for eliminating consequences of abnormal situations jointly with the Users Committees within a month.

The next item in the meetings agenda was the course of merger between the RTS Group and MICEX Group. Afterwards the Board of Directors discussed a report on 2011 project activities.

The meeting participants also considered each Executive Board members 2011 reports and made a decision on the members remuneration.

A structure of an underwriting syndicate comprised of four global coordinators and five book runners was approved within the framework of the meetings agenda item On transactions in OJSC MICEX-RTS stocks and preparing to the IPO.

In addition, the Board of Directors generally approved the Strategy of the MICEX-RTS Group for 2012-2015 and asked the Executive Board to discuss the Strategys provisions with the Council of the Exchange and Users Committees.

In conclusion, the members of the Board adopted a plan of project activities for 2012 and tasked to develop road maps for the projects. Key Performance Indicators for the Executive Board members were also approved.