OREANDA-NEWS. February 20, 2012. Further to the announcement of 30 January 2012, the Company has been notified today that Bremille Investments Limited (Bremille which is indirectly beneficially owned by Mr Oleg Salmin, currently CEO and Interim Chairman of XXI Century) has completed the purchase of 2,000 ordinary shares (25 per cent of the issued share capital) in Ovaro Holding Limited (Ovaro) from Acermus Limited, a company indirectly beneficially owned by Renaissance Group Holdings Limited (the Transaction).

As previously announced Ovaro holds 268,395,302 ordinary shares (approximately 60.1 per cent of the issued share capital) in XXI Century. As a result of the Transaction Mr Salmin controls approximately 60.1 per cent of the issued share capital of XXI Century through Ovaro. Renaissance Group Holdings Limited has no further interest in the share capital of Ovaro or currently in XXI Century directly or indirectly.