OREANDA-NEWS. February 21, 2012. The agricultural year 2012 is expected to be complicated, but the food security will be ensured, Agriculture and Food Industry Minister Vasile Bumacov has said during a meeting of the Press Club.

"Two thirds of the seeded rape was lost. Yet, when it comes to wheat and barley, only one third is in a poor condition," Bumacov said. He added that problems started in 2011, when the drought affected the autumn crops, with this winter's heavy frosts aggravating the situation, as some farmlands were not completely covered in snow.

Bumacov noted that in 2010, the wheat harvest amounted to 770,000 tons to reach 833,000 tons in 2011. "In 2011, the internal needs were covered and 200,000 tons of wheat was exported. In 2012, we expect to harvest 240,000 tons of wheat at most. We need 340,000 tons to cover the internal consumption. It is clear that the 240,000 tons are not sufficient, but we have 50,000 tons in the state reserve, and we will buy another 10,000 tons of wheat by late February," Bumacov said.

Moldova also imports 2,000-3,000 tons of quality flour monthly. At the same time, Bumacov said that we now have surplus of wheat in Moldova as "many farmers do not sell their wheat, as they wait for higher prices".