OREANDA-NEWS. February 21, 2012. It was a dream come true. A learning experience. A time of creativity. A green moment. Happiness. Smart Power. Even a special Valentine's Day gift, reported the press-centre of HK Electric.

All these and more came together at Southorn Playground at the Low Carbon Bazaar where over 50 kinds of DIY low carbon products designed and produced by students from 21 secondary schools went on sale with proceeds going to charity.

The occasion also provided the students with learning experience – running their own green business, with USD3,000 seed money per school provided by HK Electric, while the company’s young engineers also acted as mentors for school teams.

The bazaar is one of the major activities of the company's Smart Power Campaign to promote a low carbon lifestyle in the community and to provide students with Other Learning Experience.

HK Electric General Manager (Public Affairs) Ms. Mimi Yeung, said that many of the low carbon products sold at the bazaar were made from recycled materials collected by the schools through campaigns. The products include shopping bags made from old clothing, lampshades decorated with pull-rings of soft drink cans, mobile phone chains made out of computer keyboards as well as folders converted from used promotion banners.

A Valentine’s Day eco-candle set is available to those in search of something unusual for the special occasion. Another unusual touch came from some ethnic minority students who turned out hand-made products from coconut shells etched with distinctive national features.

Ms. Yeung added: “These products demonstrate an excellent combination of students’ creativity and their passion in support of green. It is encouraging that the event has been well received by the education sector as students take the opportunity to serve the community by practising green and sharing information with others.”

“Students’ involvement in the bazaar also enables them to learn from each other and respect individual differences in problem-solving, following fruitful exchange between students and our engineers,” she added.

Co-organised with the Education Bureau and the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) (Electrical Division), the proceeds of the bazaar will go to support activities of WWF-HK and Friends of the Earth (HK).

Ms Yeung said: “HK Electric is delighted to help students realise their low carbon dreams. We are also very happy to see public support for the bazaar. “Be Green, Be Happy” is the theme for Smart Power Campaign 2012, so we are happy to see students and members of the public getting together to act green and to share in the happiness.”

“At HK Electric, we also have some happy green news to share,” Ms Yeung added, explaining that the solar power system at Lamma Power Station will be expanded during the year while the wind monitoring station at the site for the proposed offshore wind farm will soon be operational.

Following the launch of Smart Power Campaign 2012, a series of activities will be held during the year. These will include competitions, roving exhibitions, school talks, Open Days at Lamma Power Station and Lamma Winds. Schools will also be invited to join in a school network to encourage green actions among students.