OREANDA-NEWS. February 22, 2012. Bakcell, The First Mobile Operator and the Leading Mobile Internet Provider of Azerbaijan, announces that the Company will introduce zero.facebook exclusively for CINeration customers, reported the press-centre of Bakcell.
CINeration customers using zero.facebook.com on mobile phones will be completely free. They will be able to share their news, ‘like’ or comment on friends’ posts, send and reply to messages or write on friends’ walls just as they do on facebook.com. Minimum charges will only be applied when customers view photos or leave zero.facebook.com to open other mobile sites. Customers will be warned that they will be charged if they want to view photo or leave zero.facebook.

To use the service, CINeration customers need to type one of the following addresses on their mobile phone’s web browser:


For its other customers, who are not CINeration customers, Bakcell offers a special co-branded version of Opera Mini with unlimited web surfing. Paying only 1.99 AZN a month Bakcell customers can enjoy unlimited internet including Opera.

Bakcell is leading the market in the development of the Mobile Internet in Azerbaijan. Initiatives such as zero.facebook and Opera Mini create opportunities for customers use and interact with the internet for free. Bakcell remains the only mobile operator in Azerbaijan allowing customers to access Facebook for free on their mobile phones.

zero.facebook includes all the main features of facebook and loads substantially faster than m.facebook.com, the standard mobile version of facebook used by other less developed operators.