OREANDA-NEWS. February 22, 2012. Baoshan Iron&Steel Co., Ltd Hydro-forming technology BeiKai (trade mark) successfully obtained the registration certificate by State Administration for Industry & Commerce of P.R.C., therefor it has become Baosteel's exclusive trademark, reported the press-centre of Baosteel.

Baosteel started the research on product, process and Die and Mould technology for pipework Hydro-forming, and by 2009 it has realized mass production of products. Baosteel always adheres to the development strategy of self-innovation. The technology of Hydro-forming process and mould technology continuously obtained breakthroughs with the product portfolio continued to expand.

Through 5 years of serious study, Baosteel Hydro-forming technology and products have been adopted by SAIC, CHANGAN AUTOMOBILE, CHANGAN FORD, BAIHC and other renowned domestic automotive factories. The complete technology and full set of basket solution, rapid sample work development capability and stable supply quality have enabled Baosteel to establish the influence and competitiveness of its Hydro-forming technology in the industry.

This successful registration of trademark of BeiKai has enhanced the quality of the Baosteel Hydro-forming brand and further increased the company's intangible asset.