OREANDA-NEWS. February 22, 2012. During the long Spring Festival holiday, ICBC launched the first tranche of exclusive Mobile Banking wealth management products for customers to buy anytime, anywhere while spending time with family members to celebrate the New Year as well as accumulate wealth. This is also another attempt and innovation of ICBC in Mobile Banking subsequent to the launch of ICBC Mobile Banking Brand. ICBC is the first commercial bank in the country to launch exclusive wealth management product under Mobile Banking, reported the press-centre of ICBC.

The new wealth management product is only available to ICBC mobile banking customers. Compared to other wealth management products issued in the same period, exclusive Mobile Banking wealth management products have shorter product maturity and higher expected annualized yield. Mobile banking customers can buy via many service channels, faster and more flexible. Many customers were attracted to the new product which was sold out in just 1 day after the launch.

As the base of mobile banking customers continues to expand, customers are gradually accustomed to enjoy financial services delivered through mobile phone. Customer demand for mobile banking services is rising every day. As related by an ICBC executive, in 2012, ICBC will place more focus on mobile banking customers with an aim to offer more comprehensive, higher-quality, faster and more convenient mobile financial services to them.