OREANDA-NEWS. February 22, 2012. In recent years, ICBC leverages the domain expertise of ICBC Leasing, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ICBC, to provide equipment leasing service for small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs). The purpose is to help SMEs upgrade their technologies, support them to use new technologies, new processes, new equipments for their transformation and upgrade. In 2011, ICBC Leasing has provided equipment leasing service for 300+ SMEs with credit facility totaling over RMB 5 billion, reported the press-centre of ICBC.

SME equipment leasing service is a loan for SMEs to buy advanced equipments for technology upgrade. With the requirements stated by the SMEs, leasing company buys the new equipments from the supplier or buys the equipments from the company directly, then lets the equipments to the company.

In the past, ICBC Leasing only offered leasing service on limited types of equipments such as textile printing machines, medical instruments, numerically controlled machine tools. In order to better support the technology upgrade of SMEs, ICBC changes and embraces innovations, said an executive with ICBC, now other types of equipments with high adaptability, stable market prices and value can also be leased, offering more choices to SMEs. Meanwhile, ICBC Leasing also works with large modern equipment manufacturers, who provide guarantee and facilitate SMEs to buy their manufactured equipments (machineries, machine tools, printing machines) through financial leasing.

Small and medium-sized enterprises are located in different regions of the country. In light of this, ICBC Leasing takes maximum standing of ICBC Group's vast outlet network and customer managers nationwide to reach SME customers. Small and medium-sized companies, if they wish to lease equipments, they can visit local ICBC branch and submit application, go through the business checking and approval as required and then get the loan from ICBC Leasing, fast and easy. Worthy of note is that, ICBC Leasing also takes into consideration the actual problem of SMEs when offering equipment leasing service to small businesses. Flexible options for rental payment are offered to relieve effectively their repayment and financial burden.