OREANDA-NEWS.  February 22, 2012. 2012 China (Chongqing) International Cloud Computing Expo (hereinafter referred to as Cloud Computing Expo) will be held at Chongqing Nanping International Conference and Exhibition Center from March 22, 2012 to March 24, 2012.

It is reported that this Cloud Computing Expo is a communication platform for developing cloud computing industry with global resources. This Cloud Computing Expo is the first Chinese-mainland-held expo which covers the whole industry chain of cloud computing industry. The theme of the Cloud Computing Expo is “communication with the world through cloud computing to perceive the future”, which will comprehensively reflect characteristics of national level, internationalization, high technology, humanity, interaction and intelligence. This Cloud Computing Expo mainly contains five parts including opening ceremony, exhibition and display, paired negotiation, summit forum and thematic activities.

Experts in the industry analyze that the holding of the first inland international cloud computing expo in Chongqing demonstrates Chongqing’s great ambition on development of cloud computing industry.

Mu Huaping deems that rapid development of Chongqing cloud computing industry results from five unique advantages: first, the simultaneous development of on-shore business and off-shore business not only upgrades local informatization but also does help share world cloud computing achievements; second, hardware and software are development simultaneously, which maximize additional value of value-added service through the platform of data center; third, centralized distribution of cloud data center enables infrastructure sharing center to be compatible with data center so as to reduce overall costs by 20%; fourth, institutional innovation realizes guarantees for national information safety and data privacy of data of multinational companies; fifth, win-win and sustainable profit model between ordering party, data operating data and Chongqing multiple parties of data storage is achieved.