OREANDA-NEWS. February 22, 2012. Kyivstar has improved the "Additional Number" service, which makes it possible to have two mobile numbers on one SIM card. From now on, apart from making calls, it is possible to send and receive SMS messages by means of the "Additional number."

For customer convenience "Kyivstar" has supplemented the user options of the "Additional Number" service: now customers, apart from making calls, can send and receive SMS messages from/to it. Also the operator has simplified using the service: now it can be ordered on a permanent basis, without wasting time each time you need to renew it for a new period of time, a week or a month, as it was before. We would like to remind that the service users can choose an additional number out of categories "Number to choose from," "Silver Number," "Gold Number" and "Platinum Number," and set the schedule of service operation.

The "Additional Number" offer the Kyivstar customers a possibility of having two phone numbers on one SIM card at the same time. After ordering the additional number, the subscriber can not disclose his/her main phone number, and, if necessary, provide the additional one instead. In this way, the customer does not need to have two telephones or change SIM cards: he/she can make and receive calls and messages, using one phone.

Service Duration Service Form User’s Fee

Unlimited Kyivstar and DJUICE subscribers

of prepaid service form 0.40 UAH per day

Customers of the contract service form 12.00 UAH per month starting from

January 1, 2012

The customers of the prepaid and contract service form can connect and manage the "Additional Number" service in a convenient way for them by paying a visit to the Customer Service Center, making a call to the short 477*76* number, or in the "My Kyivstar"/"My DJUICE" self-service system. Business customers can manage the service through a coordinator or independently, if it is allowed to do so in the "My Kyivstar" system.

The fee for making calls and sending SMS from the additional number to numbers of Ukrainian operators is charged under the existing rate of the subscriber. The fee for incoming calls from Ukrainian operators is not charged; the fee for calls received while in roaming will be charged according to the existing rate plan. The customer can make outgoing calls from the additional number only staying in Ukraine and not in roaming.

All rates are given in UAH, including VAT. Additionally, the customers are charged a Pension Fund fee in the amount of 7.5% of the service value, excluding VAT.

Kyivstar improves its services on a regular basis to provide it customers with maximum communications possibilities.