OREANDA-NEWS. February 22, 2012. Kyivstar has completed a multimedia room at Special General Education Boarding School No. 15 for children and young people with locomotor system disorders and presented a series of career counseling video master classes made by the Company. The charity event took place within the framework of the Kyivstar complex charity initiative "For the people, for the country!" aimed at providing comprehensive development and guidance for young people with disorders of the locomotor system.

The problem of employment for people with limited vital activity is extremely relevant in our country. According to statistics, every 17th Ukrainian has special needs and will inevitably face difficulties in choosing a profession. The new project of Kyivstar and its social partner, a non-government organization "Institute of Social Policy" is being implemented to support children and young people with disorders of the locomotor system in choosing a profession in demand to get an opportunity of self-realization in the contemporary society.

On December 19ththe Kyivstar representatives visited Special General Education Boarding School No. 15 for children and young people with disorders of the locomotor system to equip a modern multimedia room and present on this equipment a series of career counseling master classes to the pupils. By the end of the year Kyivstar will equip similar rooms at 9 boarding schools all over Ukraine. Due to this the children will get new opportunities for learning, communication and development.

The experts on issues of social rehabilitation and career counseling were involved in creating the Kyivstar master classes to respond to topical questions, in particular: where to go to get assistance, what to start with when choosing one’s future profession, where and how to acquire necessary professional knowledge and skills. The people with disorders of the locomotor system narrated stories of their achievements, proving with their examples that success directly depends on the desire and willpower. Master classes are about contemporary professions, which are available to people with limited abilities.

Zhanna PARKHOMENKO, Corporate Relations Director, Kyivstar:

"Moderntechnologies provide many opportunities for education, comprehensive development and acquisition of necessary qualities and skills that can help significantly in the careers of young people. That is why today we are implementing a new project to help children and young people with limited abilities to choose a profession and answer some important questions for their future. I hope that our project will guide them into adulthood, helping them to orientate themselves in modern professions and determine priority areas for their development."

Leonid TORBA, Director of Special General Education Boarding School No. 15:

"Career counseling issues require special attention, because they allow handicapped people to realize themselves and integrate into a fully fledged social life. Children and young people need to know which disciplines are of higher priority for them, thus allowing them to choose a future profession in demand. Master classes by Kyivstar will help our pupils to believe in themselves and concentrate on their priorities which are knowledge, skills and persistent work on themselves."

Andrii Shevtsov, President, All-Ukrainian NGO Scientific Society of Invalids "Institute of Social Policy:"

"The strategic partnership between the Institute of Social Policy and Kyivstar has been going on for almost 10 years. Every year we carry out projects to help people with special needs. Today multimedia classrooms equipped by Kyivstar will give children with locomotor problems new opportunities in using modern technologies and in choosing a future profession."

Rostislav Kurinko, CSR Expert, Director of the Center for Interaction of Business and Society:

"In implementing this socially important initiative Kyivstar is demonstrating high standards of openness. The dialogue with experts and partnership with specialized NGOs have substantially improved the quality of the project and its practical relevance."

Corporate charity is an important part of the Kyivstar social responsibility strategy. The Company has been implementing for almost 10 years a national charity initiative "For the people, for the country!" aimed at creating conditions for a better future for people. Under this program Kyivstar provides innovative technologies and solutions to improve communications, as well as specialized equipment for rehabilitation, educational institutions and centers for people with special needs. The Company helps its sponsored organizations in a systematic way. These are 40 boarding schools for children who are deprived of parental care and handicapped children.

The Company is paying special attention to disabled children and young people, helping them integrate into social life, contributing to offering them wider opportunities for development and socialization. Within the framework of the program we have been implementing a number of activities that offer children and young people new opportunities for a confident start in their independent life and give them confidence that they are strong.