OREANDA-NEWS. February 24, 2012. Specialists of TATNEFT became winners of the XII-th All-Russian contest "Engineer of the Year-2011", held annually by the Russian and the International Unions of scientific and engineering public organizations with participation of the Academy of Engineering Sciences n.a. A.M. Prokhorov and the Interregional Foundation for promotion of scientific and technical progress, reported the press-centre of TATNEFT.

Following the results of the II-nd round the jury of the All-Russian contest conferred the titles "Engineer of the Year" to the contest laureates in the nomination "Professional Engineers" presenting diplomas, certificates, merit badges and commemorative medals to the following specialists of TATNEFT Company: Nafis Gumarov, Chief Geologist of NGDU "Almetyevneft", Marat Saifutdinov, Chief Geologist of NGDU "Nurlatneft", Sergei Voitovich, Chief Geologist of TGRU, Anatoly Dmitriev, former Chief Mechanical Engineer of TATNEFT, Marina Chernyshova, Head of Research and Industrial Center "Ggeophysical and geochemical methods" of TGRU and Marat Khamidullin, Head of Investment Department of NGDU "Leninogorskneft".
According to the results of the I-st round of the contest the title "Professional Engineer of Russia" in the category "Professional Engineers" and appropriate certificates and merit badges were conferred to Farit Zakiev, ("Tatneftegazpererabotka" Administration), Rinat Aflyatunov (NGDU "Elkhovneft"), Rustem Bagamanshin (Engineering Center), Ramil Galimov (NGDU "Almetyevneft"), Alexander Yevseev (Engineering Center), Damir Kamaliev (NGDU "Elkhovneft"), Raikhan Shaikhutdinov (NGDU "Jalilneft"), Sergei Kulikov (TGRU) Ilgizar Makhmutov (TatNIPIneft), Pavel Klimin (NGDU "Leninogorskneft ") and Albert Yagafarov (TatNIPIneft").

The Company's specialists were also awarded the diplomas "Winner of the first round of the All-Russian contest "Engineer of the Year" in the category "Engineering Skill of the Young". Among them there are Evgeny Zvezdin (NGDU "Yamashneft"), Victor Zubarev (Executive Office of TATNEFT) and Denis Maksimov (TatNIPIneft).

The All-Russian engineers contests pursue objectives of drawing attention to problems of engineering staff quality in Russia, increasing the attractiveness of work and professionalism of the engineering staff, identifying the elite of the Russian Corps of Engineers, forming the interest to the engineering work among the youth, promoting the achievements and experience of the best engineers in Russia and establishing the data bank of the country's best engineers. The winners' names in both categories are entered into the Register of Professional Engineers of Russia.

Another success of TATNEFT's engineers has become a new recognition of the professionalism of the Company's staff and has confirmed the Company's significant scientific and technical potential.