OREANDA-NEWS. February 27, 2012. BM&FBOVESPA offers a special Visiting Program for Foreign Students Groups. It consists of a presentation, in English, on the main aspects of the Securities, Commodities and Futures Exchange, its markets, trading systems, projects, indices and statistics.

If you are interested in visiting BM&FBOVESPA, please contact us at visite@bvmf.com.br, informing your University's name, the date you would like to visit BM&FBOVESPA, the number of visitors and their names. We will confirm the availability of the requested date as soon as possible.

BVMF Visitors’ Center

Located on the ground floor of the building on Rua XV de Novembro, it is one of the main attractions at BM&FBOVESPA. In 2009, it received visits of approximately 120,000 people (an average of 450 per day). In this Center, visitors can watch 3-D institutional videos, lectures and simulations of trades carried out by a brokerage, in addition to learning about the history of the Exchange.

BM&FBOVESPA Cultural Space

The Cultural Space has established itself as a center to disseminate visual arts. It provides visitors with the opportunity of enjoying works of art by renowned Brazilian and foreign artists and exhibitions of historic value. In 2009, three exhibitions were held: Franz Post, Masters of Engraving, and the Roberto Marinho Collection – which gathered over 30,000 visitors.