OREANDA-NEWS. February 27, 2012. Belarus’ OJSC Krinitsa produced 917.600 decaliters of beer in January 2012, up 8.7% on the year, a representative in food concern Belgospischeprom told reporters.

The Minsk-based facility increased beer production 89.9% to 880,000 deciliters.

Beer output in plastic bottles (84.6% of the total) went up 99.1% on the year to 776,300 decaliters. Krinitsa beer output in glass bottles rose 51.5% to 55,000 decaliters, in kegs went up 16.4% to 73,500 decaliters. Beer output in aluminum cans totaled 12,800 million decaliters (no data for Jan 11 available).

Krinitsa’s sales on the home market in January 2012 amounted to 645,000 decaliters, up 31% on the year.

Krinitsa’s beer exports in Jan 2012 grew 4.8% on the year to 210,900 dal.

Krinitsa was founded in January 2001. OJSC Polotsk Beer and Nesvizh soft drinks plant have been incorporated by OJSC Krinitsa and operate as subsidiaries.