OREANDA-NEWS. June 4, 2012. DemirBank conducts a new Credit Gift campaign on consumer loans from May 25 to November 15, 2012.

The borrowers with Cash credits, Loans to state employees, Loans to public officers, Loans to pensioners, Loans to health care employees, Loans to teachers, Loans to repeat clients, Educational credits, Travel credits, Home appliances credit, Computer and phone credits, Furniture credit, Gold credit, House repair credit are considered eligible for the campaign.

According to the terms of campaign the customers of DemirBank with the above consumer loans of maximum 5000 manat (or USD 6300) and timely (no delays in) payments for the last 2 months will be able to participate in the lottery.

Throughout the campaign on 21st of each month 5 customers will receive the next credit installment as a gift (max.500 manat each) and at the end of lottery 1 customer will have unpaid balance of a loan cleared (max. 5000 manat). The first drawing of a lottery will be held on 21st of June 2012.

DemirBank performs a lot work to increase consumer lending. A new lottery campaign doesnt only serve this purpose, but also stimulates timely loan repayments among existing customers and helps to increase the overall level of customer satisfaction, stated the deputy head of the Management Board Mr.Yusif Jabbarov.