OREANDA-NEWS. June 4, 2012. As part of the Kerosene-to-LPG Conversion Program series, as of 1 June 2012, Lombok Island will be dry of subsidized kerosene. As the replacement, Pertamina provides non-subsidized kerosene for this island.

Before the implementation of Conversion Program, the distribution of kerosene for Lombok area reached 300 KL/day. Before marked as "dry", Pertamina still distributed around 60 KL/day, equal to 20% of the pre-conversion consumption level. To fulfill the kerosene needs, Pertamina has prepared 10 Non-Subsidized Kerosene Agents.

The Conversion Program in Lombok has been running since December 2010. Up to end of May 2012, Pertamina has distributed 679,091 Conversion Package, consisting LPG cylinder, stove, regulator and hose.

Lombok public has been responding very well to the Conversion Program because todaya the consumption of 3 kg LPG at NTB reaches 90 MT/day. The LPG demand at Lombok Island so far is served by one SPPEK, two SPPBE, and 29 3-kg LPG agents.

Pertamina continues to urge the public to check the condition of their LGP-run stove, hose and regulator, as well as to keep an eye on safety aspect in LGP usage. For any question regarding LGP cylinder and other Pertamina's product, the public can call Pertamina Contact Center at 5000000.