OREANDA-NEWS. June 5, 2012. Pre-launch processing is under way at Baikonur of the Express MD2 spacecraft delivered to the launch base on 17 May.  With the spacecraft on the test stand at the Integration-and-Test Facility, the entire test sequence to be carried out at the Proton Launch System Processing Facility, Area 92 is drawing to an end.

Khrunichev have completed component-level tests of the spacecraft systems and avionics.  Now the final system-level tests of the operational availability and interaction of all Express MD2 systems are being performed.

Engineers and technicians completed preparation of solar panels for mounting onto the spacecraft.  The mounting operation is to take place next week.

The dual launch of a Proton M with Telcom 3 and Express MD2 is scheduled for July.

Express MD2, built  by the Khrunichev Space Center in collaboration with the Italian division of Thales Alenia Space, is designed to support non-stop retransmission of data streams to various destinations within the Satellite Communication and Broadcasting System of the Russian Federation.