OREANDA-NEWS. June 5, 2012. Orenburg Municipal Electric Grids of Orenburgenergo, a branch of IDGC of Volga. JSC, will allocate 250 million rubles to repair and reconstruct the electric grid facilities. In 2012, the repair campaign is quite outstanding as over the last five-six years Orenburg power engineers never disbursed such an immense amount of money. The repair and reconstruction campaign will cover both Orenburg and the Orenburg district. “The electric grids located in the Eksperimentalniy, Pervomayskiy, Yuniy and Zubarevka settlements are to be fully reconstructed,” declared Dmitry Lipin, Deputy Chief Engineer of Orenburg Municipal Electric Grids of Orenburgenergo, a branch of IDGC of Volga. JSC. “We plan to repair 225 substations and 49 kilometers of power transmission lines, to replace 49 substations and reconstruct 80 kilometers of power transmission lines in the regional center. To execute the repair works, specialists will use up-to-date and reliable materials guarantying high-quality and continuous power supplies to residents. “We select most challenging facilities in our grids: the central part of the city, the Krasnoznamyonnaya and Ordzhonikidze streets,” said Dmitry Lapin. “This year, our campaign will cover the Podmayachniy settlement where we plan to reconstruct the electric grids during the period from Q11 through Q21. We endeavor to maintain good condition of the grids.” Electricians engaged in repair of energized electric installations are exposed to life hazard, thus short time disconnection of power supply cannot be avoided. Power engineers hope that Orenburg residents will apologize them for this temporary inconvenience. Specialists will do their best to minimize this inconvenience by executing all works during the ordinary working hours: upon returning home, consumers will be able to use all benefits of the civilization. Orenburg Municipal Electric Grids will worn housing and public utility companies of all power cuts in the regional center.