OREANDA-NEWS. June 5, 2012. In the Saraktash district of the Orenburg region, the winner of the contest “My Beloved and Unique Land” was chosen. 39 district schools took part in the contest. Each general education institution submitted materials about rural settlement accommodating this institution and surrounding areas. Throughout the year, the competitors explored their local motherland, investigated documents, talked to people living in their settlements – in general, the participants made an immense work and collected a lot of materials used for creation of a historic and cultural web-map of the Saraktash district. “School children, teachers, museum employees, librarians and search teams carried out research work and analyzed documents,” commented Vladimir Ivanchenko, Chairman of Saraktash community. “Today, I should say that we reached the goal that had been set a year ago. Due to the Saraktash community and Orenburgenergo, we launched a comprehensive program involving many forces to cover the heritage of the Saraktash land as fully as possible.” The team of Nadezhdinskaya secondary school won the contest. The winners were given a diploma and cash award. The teachers and school children were sincerely happy to win the contest as their work was deservedly appreciated. “We made an immense work. But one year is not enough to execute all that we managed to do, even the efforts of one generation are insufficient. Our predecessors collected a lot of material, but they did not know how to apply it,” said Anna Klunkova, pupil of the 9th grade of Nadezhdinskaya secondary school. The virtual world of fascinating journeys over the Saraktash district will be open soon for visitors on the official web-site of the municipal unit. Though the winner of the contest had been already chosen, residents of the district promised to continue the research work and add new information to the web-map.