OREANDA-NEWS. June 5, 2012. The Securities and Stock Market National Commission registered the issue of bonds series E and F of PUBLIC JOINT STOCK COMPANY “FIRST UKRAINIAN INTERNATIONAL BANK” (FUIB). The resolution to issue bonds was passed by the meeting of the FUIB’s Supervisory Board on 27 April 2012.

The total value of the bond issue is UAH 1 billion (UAH 500 million each bond series). Series E bonds - 500 000 inscribed interest-bearing unsecured bonds. Series F bonds – 500 000 inscribed interest-bearing unsecured bonds. Par value of bonds series E and F – UAH 1000.00 each. Issue form – uncertificated (book entry).

As planned, the bonds will be placed publicly not involving underwriters at PFTS Stock Exchange: series E bonds will be placed beginning on 11.06.2012; series F bonds, beginning on 11.07.2012. Bonds of both series are maturing in three years. Also, the bond issue terms provide for the annual put option.

The coupon rate on bonds series E and F for coupon periods 1 and 2 is 19% p.a.; the rate for coupon periods 3-6 will be determined by the issuer in line with the market developments, but in any case not below 2 p.a. Coupon payments are semi-annual.

Payment for bonds series E and F should be made only in money in the Ukraine’s national currency under the relevant agreements between the holders and the issuer and within the Regulations and Rules of PFTS Stock Exchange.

Funds raised from the bond issue of UAH 1 billion will be applied in full towards lending to individuals and corporate entities.

Source of funds for repaying the principal and interest on bonds series E and F will be the FUIB’s income from its business activity after budgetary and other mandatory payments.