OREANDA-NEWS. June 5, 2012. Based on the manufacturers’ results in January-April, ASM Holding analysts give their current annualized Russia vehicle production forecast for the full year 2012: passenger cars – 1,981,730 units (of them foreign models 1,357,210 units); trucks – 192,882 units (of them foreign models 22,860 units); buses – 50,780 units (of them foreign models 9,290 units). The forecast of car production surpasses the last five years’ best result (1,738,163 units in 2011) by 14.0%, while annual forecasts of truck and bus output yield to the best production results of 2007 by 33.6% and 42.0% respectively.

The above expectations do not take into account the supposed accession of Russia to the WTO and eventual impact of introduction of “scrappage duties” suggested by Russia’s Industry and Trade Ministry.