OREANDA-NEWS. June 06, 2012.  JSC IRKUT Corporation – a part of JSC “United Aircraft Corporation” and Pratt & Whitney - a division of United Technologies Corp. today signed a definitive agreement to offer the Pratt & Whitney PurePower® PW1400G engine on IRKUT’s MC-21 family of aircraft.

This secures the PurePower engine as the only western powerplant offered on the new MC-21 narrow body airliner. IRKUT Corporation and Pratt & Whitney selected Short Brothers plc, a subsidiary of Bombardier Aerospace of Canada, as the exclusive nacelle provider for the PW1400G engine family.

The PurePower PW1000G series engines use an advanced gear system allowing the engine’s fan to operate at a different speed than the low-pressure compressor and turbine. The combination of the gear system and an all-new advanced core in conjunction with specially designed aerodynamics of the MC-21 aircraft and widely use of composite materials deliver 21-24% improvements in fuel efficiency, environmental emissions and noise.

The PurePower engine family also shares common, advanced cores and feature flight proven, next-generation technology. The engine core consists of an ultra-efficient high-pressure compressor, a low-emissions combustor, and state of the art high-pressure turbine module.

IRKUT is developing the MC-21 as a family of 150 to 210-passenger aircraft with first flight of the PurePower® PW1400G engined aircraft planned for 2015 and entry into service in 2017. The MC-21 series will feature jetliners with 25,000-32,000 pounds of thrust.

“We are pleased to confirm our commitment to provide economic and environmental benefits to the MC-21 aircraft with the PurePower engine,” said Todd Kallman, president, Pratt & Whitney Commercial Engines. “This revolutionary engine family continues to meet all of our performance expectations and program milestones. We are very proud that the PurePower engine offers the best possible reduction in fuel burn, noise, emissions and operating costs to IRKUT’s customers.”

“The engine makes our MC-21 aircraft more competitive because it offers real savings for our customers,” said Alexey Fedorov, president, IRKUT Corporation. “It’s also important that the new engine has improved environmental performance,” – the Head of the Corporation added.