OREANDA-NEWS. June 7, 2012. TRANSTEC’2012, an international transport exhibition, and the III International Conference on Port and Shipping Development were included in the event schedule of the Marine Board under the RF Government and the exhibition plan of the Russian Ministry of Transport for 2012. Both the exhibition and the conference will take place in Lenexpo on October 2-4, 2012. The organisers are Transtec Neva Exhibitions, which is 30% owned by ExpoForum, and East West Exhibition Management ltd/Dolphin Exhibitions ltd.

TRANSTEC events have been held since 1994 as integrated transport projects promoting the best international practices in science and engineering. They are focused on the topical transport issues, its competitiveness, safety and investment prospects. The exhibition and the conference are held with the support of the International Association of Ports and Harbors (Japan), the European Sea Ports Organisation (Brussels), the Coordinating Council on Transsiberian Transportation (Geneva), the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the Association of Sea Trade Ports, the Union of Russian Shipowners and the Marine Board under the Government of Saint Petersburg.

The III International Conference on Ports and Shipping Development will be held in 2012 within TRANSTEC-2012 exhibition. The participants will discuss the cooperation for infrastructure and superstructure development in the sea, estuary and river ports and consider the capacities for sea and river transport modernisation. Such issues as port and state fleet construction and operation, port and hydraulic engineering, interaction between the ports and the consumers of port services on the part of ship owners, consignors and intermodal carriers, as well as cruise, passenger and ferry navigation development will be important themes as well.

The combination of such an exhibition and a conference is important for Saint Petersburg strategy. It’s no coincidence that the maritime capital of Russia has hosted specialised international transport events for years. Considering the tasks set by RF Government, the transportation segment in the Baltic Region and Northwest Russia is growing at an outstripping rate. This cannot but enhance international business, technological and scientific cooperation.

TRANSTEC exhibition and conference are held biennially in Lenexpo. It will be recalled that a few months ago ExpoForum, Transtec Neva Exhibitions and East West Exhibition Management ltd. (EU) / Dolphin Exhibitions ltd. (UK) signed a long-term agreement for co-organisation of TRANSTEC exhibition and conference till 2019. According to the agreement, this project will be held at ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre after it opens. According to Sergey Voronkov, the executive director of ExpoForum, this new centre is specially designed for such large and reputable events.