OREANDA-NEWS. June 7, 2012. Up to now, Agricultural Bank of China Limited (ABC) has issued 733,400 Kins Environmental Protection Cards with the credit limit of RMB6.388 billion and loan balance of RMB898 million. Since 2009, the accumulative expense by Kins Environmental Protection Card has reached as high as RMB15.3 billion.

In 2008, ABC and All-China Environment Federation jointly issued the Kins Environmental Protection Card. As China's first credit card based on the theme of environmental protection, Kins Environmental Protection Card advocates the green consumption and achieves the harmonious development of environment and economy in the new era.

Made of a new type of biodegradable material, Kins Environmental Protection Card advocates a healthier and more sustainable way of living. It calls on people to embrace nature and protect the environment. Kins Environmental Protection Card, as a status symbol of environmentalists, is designed to safeguard the environmental rights of cardholders, facilitate their consumption and satisfy their desires for environmental protection. Meanwhile, against the background of increasing issue volume of various cards in China, the issue of Kins Environmental Protection Card shows ABC's high focus on the environmental protection and great support for the development of and investment in green products and services.

The issue of Kins Environmental Protection Card, as another breakthrough of ABC's credit card in the market segmentation and products innovation. It shows that ABC's products with highly value-added competitiveness are developed by advancing with the times. In response to the state's strategic target of "establishing an environment friendly and resource-conserving society", ABC proactively carried out activities like "Green Life, Starting from Kins Environmental Protection Card" to call on each consumer to take responsibilities of "green consumption" and choose green consumption mode that is healthy and environment friendly. Additionally, ABC together with the All-China Environment Federation launched environmental protection activities, profoundly promoted Kins Environmental Protection Card, guided the concept of creating "green lives through green consumption", consciously fulfilled social responsibilities and advanced the development of environmental protection undertaking.

The All-China Environment Federation said that the issue of Kins Environmental Protection Card together with ABC accorded with its tenet of "Great China, Great Environment and Great Union" in the hope of arousing attention of the society on the environmental protection and advocating the concept of starting from minor green work and the green consumption habit.

The issue of ABC's Kins Environmental Protection Card will guide the customers to choose more environment-friendly consumption mode, realize the combination of regular consumption and environmental protection, and profound influence to China's environmental protection undertaking and public consumption mode.