OREANDA-NEWS. June 7, 2012. With active assistance of the Security Administration of Moscow Bank and the Information Security Administration within the Security Department of Sberbank, law enforcement agencies detained members of another cyber-crime group (a total of 6 people) who stole money from clients of Russian banks through remote banking services systems during long period of time by infecting their computers with malware.

Detention came as a result of actions by staff of the Administration of Economic Security and Anticorruption Effort within the Chief Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Moscow within a criminal case based on facts of misappropriation of funds through the Client Sberbank system from clients of Moscow Bank. The criminal case was initiated and criminals were arrested on the grounds of the outcomes of the check made by the MIA CA AESAE in response to Sberbank applications and analysis and research materials prepared by Sberbank's Information Security Office and Group-IB, a company specialized in investigating computer crime.

This effort established involvement of the detainees in 4 instances of misappropriation from clients of Sberbank's Moscow Bank totaling over 13 mln. RUR and misappropriation from clients of other commercial banks totaling over 110 mln. RUR.

All members of the criminal group were exposed despite the fact that fraudsters used management servers located in the Netherlands, Germany, France and the US. Group-IB criminalists were involved in detention carried at the same time in different regions of Russia.