OREANDA-NEWS. June 07, 2012. Sika deer family in Baosteel - the environmental monitoring guards living in Baosteel plant area, received two babies in the morning on June 4th, 2012. The family has already multiplied and lived in such green and vibrant garden plant for almost 20 years. Nowadays, the family has reached 57 sika deer. It may be said, 'have a growing family'. This  indicates that Baosteel's environmental quality is satisfied, as well as spreads out a harmonious picture that industry and environment complement each other to the world.
Sika deer belongs to first class national protected animals and are highly sensitive about surrounding area. Once there is a little degradation in environmental targets of air quality and water quality and such, 'fragile' sika deer can appear skin allergy symptom etc. Therefore, sika deer has long been know as 'environmental monitoring guard'. Whether they can multiply and live in the iron & steel plant area or not is a live target for monitoring Baosteel environmental quality  

In September 1993, the Dandong People's Government in Liaoning Province gave 25 sika deer as a present. Since then, these sika deer settled down in Baosteel plant area. In this ecological garden plant with a blue sky, clear water and green grass, the 25 sika deer adapted to new environment rapidly and formed a big family as well as assumed duty on ' environmental monitoring guard' in Baosteel. In nearly 20 years, sika deer family has kept such living from generation to generation. The two baby births of sika deer on June 4th are descendants of 20th generation. At present, the sika deer family is in a baby boom period because 13 female sika deer will give birth to babies as well. It is interesting that a lot of sika deer babies were born every year owing to good environmental and comfortable living conditions. In many years ago, the zoo had to implement 'family planning'. Otherwise, sika deer populations would have substantially exceeded feeding capacity in zoo.