OREANDA-NEWS. June 8, 2012. An operational personnel craftsmanship competition for the “Top Professional” title took place at Krasnoyarsk CHP-2 branch of JSC “Yenisei TGC (TGC-13)” (part of LLC “Siberian Generating Company” group of companies).

The competition was taken part in by 62 workers of the plant core shops. During April Krasnoyarsk CHP-2 shift personnel demonstrated their craftsmanship performing assignments given to them in multiple stages.

To prove one’s professional competence, each participant was to answer 50 questions randomly selected by the test allocation as promptly as possible. With individual worker categories, the number of questions answers whereto each participant was supposed to know was as great as 800. At the second stage, knowledge of the system of work permissions and job tickets was checked. At the third stage, the participants were to undertake the complete array of actions for resuscitating an individual having suffered an electric shock and provide first aid. The actions were performed using a special training dummy. During the resuscitation the participants had to deal with additional circumstances, which in real life could have made provision of first aid considerably more difficult. At all the three stages, the operational personnel displayed good theoretical background and a high level of practical skills.

The competition results were evaluated by several jury commissions. The competition was taken part in by 62 workers of the plant core shops: the boiler shop, the turbine shop, the electricity shop, the chemical shop, the fuel-and-transportation shop and the shop for thermal automatics and measurements. Following the competition results, the jury board noted the high level of professional training of the personnel of the electricity and the turbine shops and Shift A. In the individual trial the highest scores across all the three stages were demonstrated by Yevgeny Mashkovtsev and Yury Koryakin (electrical fitters for maintenance of automation instrumentation and measuring gauges of the shop for thermal automatics and measurements), Aleksandr Rybnikov (the turbine shop shift foreman), Vadim Bondarenko (the boiler shop senior machinist) and Konstantin Korolkov (the boiler shop boiler machinist). The competition prizes were awarded to 25 persons, 13 workers decorated with the “Top Professional” title.

The annual craftsmanship competition is a landmark event for the plant operational personnel. Its aim consists in improving the level of craftsmanship and the equipment maintenance quality and promoting safe methods or works performance. Accordingly, the competition stages contents envisage check of knowledge and skills the workers need for proper discharge of their process functions.