OREANDA-NEWS. June 9, 2012. In 2011, customer base of Russian Agricultural Bank (RusAg) increased by 1 million — up to 3.5 million. The Bank showed the highest growth rates in retail business with the number of retail customers soaring by 40.9%. At the same time, the largest volumes of lending and funds attraction are brought by corporate segment, which is based on small-business clients. They form a majority of 57% out of all corporate clients and individual entrepreneurs.

A substantial growth of RusAg’s customer base was a result of measures taken by the Bank in the framework of the new customer-oriented policy. In 2011, Russian Agricultural Bank formed in its Head Office and regional branches separate divisions responsible for corporate, small and retail business segments, with a consolidated client base for each. The Bank launched a program aimed to improve the quality of customer service, upgraded the system of employees motivation, adjusted loan products, and set up its product range to target customer segments.

The development and diversification of the customer base is one of RusAg`s priority objectives. The Bank plans to increase the number of clients up to 7 million by 2015. To accomplish this task, RusAg continues to improve the quality of its services and adjust the product range covering the whole agricultural production chain.