OREANDA-NEWS. June 9, 2012. NOMOS-BANK Group’s loan portfolio in Q1 2012 was up 6.6% to RUB 61.9 billion (IFRS).

There was also a steady increase of the share in the loan portfolio of loans to individuals in the Bank’s total portfolio of loans to corporate, retail, small-business and investment businesses. As of March 31, this stood at 13.7%.

"The results of Q1 demonstrate the successful development of the Group’s retail business,” said Senior Vice President, Member of the Board of NOMOS-BANK Vadim Yuriev. ”A wide range of the Bank's loan products are in demand by different customer segments across all key regions of the Group. We are constantly working to improve our services and conditions for retail programs, making them more attractive and convenient for customers."

As of March 31 2012, the total volume of individuals' funds with NOMOS-BANK Group stood at RUB 133.3 billion. Retail deposits continue to be the most stable and diversified source of funding: as per Q1 2012 results, deposits and funds in the accounts of private customers accounted for approximately 35.7% of the total deposits of corporate, retail, small-business and investment businesses.

As of March 31 2012, the number of private clients totaled approximately 1.5 million. The Bank’s distribution network has about 300 offices and more than 14,000 ATMs (this includes multiple-bank ATMs, NOMOS-BANK Group has 1,849 dedicated ATMs).

Operating income before devaluation of assets in the retail business segment for the period under review totaled RUB 2.4 billion, or 23.1% of the aggregate of the Bank’s four key business areas. The segment’s net income for Q1 2012 totaled RUB 562 million, up over five times on Q1 2011.