OREANDA-NEWS. June 09, 2012. An expanded meeting of industrial inspectorate college was held at the state enterprise Research and Production Complex “Zorya”-“Mashproekt”. Nikolaev city and region authorities attended the meeting. The heads of territorial administration boards and expert centers from all regions of Ukraine also participated in the meeting. The first deputy head of the state industrial inspectorate Viktor Shaitan led the meeting.

Within the event a cooperation agreement between the state industrial inspectorate of Ukraine and Nikolaev state administration was signed. The aim of agreement is a fruitful mutual support of the sides in the field of labor safety and protection, systematic approach to the current legislation fulfillment control. The sides intend to cooperate in the field of the incidents prevention at the production sites. They will also regularly exchange information.

The meeting participants got acquainted with “Zorya”-“Mashproekt” experience in the field of labor safety preserving. The acting Nikolaev state administration head Gennady Nikolenko underlined that the enterprise works at the international standards level also in the field of labor safety. Due to complex approach the percentage of occupational traumatism considerable diminished despite of the production output growing.

The enterprise consists of multitude of the workshops including machining, metallurgy, assembly shops and a test stations complex. Thirteen thousand workers are employed at the enterprise. Labor safety is a priority for the administration. Every year labor safety financing grows by 30 % at the average. In 2012 the enterprise allocated UAH 12 billion for protective clothing, for the individual protection means and for special nutrition.

Early investment program of the enterprise allocates more than USD 20 billion for modern equipment and technologies purchasing and upgrading. Realized programs already permitted to liquidate a number of detrimental to health jobsites and keep up to safe conditions of labour.

All participants of the meeting visited production shops of the state enterprise “Zorya”-“Mashproekt”.