OREANDA-NEWS. June 13, 2012. The Energy Strategy of Moldova has been developed to create reliable and efficient energy sector for people of Moldova and energy suppliers, - Valeriu Lazar. This was stated by Vice Premier, Minister of economy during a briefing in the framework of a round table sitting where a draft of the new Energy Strategy 2030 was discussed. According to the Minister, the energy sector of Moldova has seemed to have no future, but it is a mistaken impression, since there are opportunities for its development.

The state has to identify priorities and create predictable legislative frameworks and attractive conditions for investors who are interested in investing into the energy sector of our country, Valeiru Lazar stated. As for an approximate amount of investments necessary for this area, to a some degree the Energy Strategy is a document to answer this question, he said. It has to formulate fundamental principles to attract both: state and private investments, Valeriu Lazar drew attention of the audience.

He referred to the programs MoSEFF and MoREFF developed by EBRD, energy projects by EU as examples. The new Strategy sets three main objectives: providing safety of deliveries; ensuring competition and access to energy source, combating climate changes. The document contains possible scenarios of development of the energy sector of Moldova based on projects of general economic growth of the state till 2030 and growth of the most power intensive branches, such as residential sector, industry, transportation, etc.

The draft strategy provides integration of power networks of Moldova into the European energy system by 2018; liberalization of energy markets in terms established by the Energy Commonwealth, creation of the effective market in the field of power and natural gases as well as creation of transparent pricing mechanisms.