OREANDA-NEWS. June 13, 2012. "MEGABANK" has identified the next winners of the promo action "Double pension reward". The winners are the clients of Kharkiv branches №80 and №56 Valeriy Bezyaev and Tamara Savakova correspondently and the client of "Dergachevskoe" branch Nadezhda Bratolyub. Now every winner can save UAH 1 000 to pay for utility bills, reported the press-centre of MEGABANK.   

Besides, using improved terms of servicing pensioners while concluding a pension contract each customer has a chance to choose one out of four tariff packages: "Pensionary-Standard" (with the use of payment plastics and without them), "Pensionary-Profitable" and "Pensionary-Overdraft".

Reference. Tariff package "Pensionary-Profitable" gives the opportunity to save money on your current account and have an extra income as accrued interest on the account balance. The interest rate depends on the account balance and may reach 15% annually in UAH. In addition, the account may be used as a settlement one; that is to transfer money for utility payments, products and other services.

Tariff package "Pensionary-Overdraft" gives the opportunity to get payment cards "Maestro" and "Visa Electron" for free with the fixed limit of overdraft – 70% of the pension. Besides, the owner of this tariff package may pay for products and services by card in distribution network in and outside Ukraine without commission fee and may have unlimited access to money by taking cash through ATM on the territory of Ukraine or any other country of the world.

The promo action is continued up to 30 June 2012.The promo action "Double pension reward" started at the end of 2011 in all branches of "MEGABANK" for the clients who have opened their current accounts for getting pensions. According to the promo action’s terms, after the first transfer of funds to an account by the Pension Fund each client gets a chance to win a gift certificate. This money should be transferred for payment of housing and utility services to the Integral Clearing Centre of "MEGABANK".