OREANDA-NEWS. June 13, 2012. National Grid welcomed the support given by David Cameron to the interconnector project that would link the UK and Norway - what would be the world’s longest subsea electricity link.

While in Norway today the Prime Minister said the interconnector project being developed by National Grid and Statnett would prove important in linking Norway’s low carbon hydro power into the UK market.  The link would also diversify the sources of supply for both countries.

Steve Holliday, Chief Executive of National Grid said:

“We welcome the Prime Minister’s support for this project which has the potential to bring many benefits for both countries.  Jointly we are looking to invest more than ?1 billion on what would be the first link between UK and Norway.  Using state of the art technology, the interconnector will give the UK the fast response we will need to help support the management of intermittent wind energy with clean hydro power from Norway.  It would also enable us to export renewable energy when we are in surplus”.

“At this very moment a seabed survey is underway in the North Sea looking at the best way to design and install the cable which would run through some very deep water.  Four years development work between us and Statnett has brought us to this point and potentially the link could be in operation by 2020.“