OREANDA-NEWS. June 13, 2012. AB Vilniaus degtine that has been cherishing the production traditions of more than one century and that has been actively implementing innovations now has a brand new corporate logo that is aimed at enhancing exclusiveness and emphasizing Vilnius origin of the company on both national and foreign markets.

A new AB Vilniaus degtine corporate logo reflects the legend of foundation of the capital city, symbolized by an iron wolf howling. Behind there is the company’s building, where quality beverages have been produced since the beginning of the 20th century. An integral part of a new corporate logo is a new slogan of the company “Spiritus Vilnensis”. It means the company’s strategy to develop beverages with every single drop full of unique and multicultural spirit as well as secret of Vilnius.

A phrase “Spiritus Vilnensis” in AB Vilniaus degtine logo reflects the main corporate values and trends of activities. These are the production traditions of the century as well as an objective to apply new global tendencies and innovations in developing premium beverages.

“A need to change our corporate logo appeared after assessing the history of the company, rich in events and awards. Our new logo will enable to stand out in a competitive environment on both Lithuanian and foreign markets, to which we export our production, thereby consolidating our strategic position”, – states Juozas Daunys, Manager of AB Vilniaus degtine.

Preceding corporate logo was design five decades ago and reflected the needs and style of those days. And, according to J.Daunys, AB Vilniaus degtine aims at standing out as a modern company as well as be recognized and appreciated on foreign markets.

The history of AB Vilniaus degtine dates back to 1907. It is closely related to vodka making traditions, cherished by the Lithuanian estates of those days. Since then and until now, the spirits distillery of Obeliai estate, built in Rokiskis District and owned by the earls’ family, has been the supplier of quality grain spirits for the vodka factory, situated in Vilnius.

A new corporate logo of AB Vilniaus degtine was designed by the publicity agency RIC Creative. Designer of the logo –Giedrius Laurusas.