OREANDA-NEWS. June 14, 2012. Represented by the companies MPX and OGX, the EBX Group is supporting the Rio the Energy Capital program that targets the development of 35 proposals aimed at energy efficiency, technological innovation and green economy until 2015. The details and the schedule of these initiatives ware presented on Monday, June 11 to the strategic commission of the Rio Energy Capital program. The selected projects were chosen from a list of proposals submitted in the last nine months by companies, universities, associations and class entities linked to the energy sector and headquartered in the State of Rio de Janeiro that are working hand in hand with the state administration in the development of this program.

Established by a decree signed by governor Sergio Cabral, in September 2011, and coordinated by the State Secretariat of Economic Development, the Rio Energy Capital Program is intended to mobilize society and channel  resources to sustainable energy. The projects were distributed among the four pillars that form program general structure, namely: energy efficiency, technological innovation, low carbon economy and massive dissemination of the concept. The idea is to have each one of these pillars replicated in four strategic sectors: transportation, industrial, construction and commerce/services.

Taking into account the fact that the state of Rio de Janeiro currently answers for 80% of national oil production, 42% of natural gas, has the only nuclear power plants in the country as well as the largest number of gas-fired thermoelectric plants and several projects aimed at energy generation and technology innovation in this area,  Rio de Janeiro already deserved to be called the Brazilian energy capital.  The Rio  Energy Capital Program takes unto itself the title and state energy vocation and wishes to take one step further to make of the state a global reference center when it comes to the energy of the future,  presenting state of the art energy efficiency solutions, attracting resources for research and development of technological innovation and for green energy promotion.

The general public may learn about all these initiatives on the new portal  www.riocapitaldaenergia.rj.gov.br. Launched by the state administration, the portal will be tool for the massive dissemination of the concept of sustainable energy, the key focus of the program.  A an energy technology fair is also scheduled for the month of November at  Pier Maua, to present the current and the new projects of the Rio the Energy Capital Program.