OREANDA-NEWS. June 14, 2012. Belarus saw the consumer price index grow 1.1% over the first 22 days of May 2012 and 8% since early this year, the National Statistics Committee told reporters.

The largest increase in retail prices was registered with fresh-grown cabbages (105.5%), bread and bakery goods (7%), butter, pork (except for boneless meat), boneless beef (5.3-5.7%), prime-grade boiled sausage, smoked sausage, vodka, milk and dairy products (3.4-4.2%), soft beverages, beef (except boneless meat), beer, biscuits (1.4-2.6%), fabrics (1.4%), clothing, footwear, kitchen dishes, wallpaper (0.6-0.9%), sanatorium and health services (8.2%), healthcare vacations (2.2%).

As previously reported, Belarus saw the consumer price index grow 108.7% in 2011, although the initial forecast for 2011 stood at 7.5%-8.5%. Belarus’ inflation forecast for 2012 stands at 19-22%.