OREANDA-NEWS. June 15, 2012. We have good news for those who need to transfer money to or receive money transfer from China. Western Union company offers to its customers updated and cheaper rates for money transfers both in US dollars and national currency, tenge. Particularly, when executing money transfer by “Kazakhstan-China” direction for the amount over 2,000 US dollars of 300,000 tenge, transfer fee will now comprise only 50 US dollars of 7,500 tenge, respectively 1.

At that, BTA Bank has one of the most widespread branch networks in Kazakhstan, which numbers more than 220 outlets around the country, accepting and making Western Union transfers. Some outlets in such cities as Almaty and Astana render services on executing Western Union money transfers on a round-the-clock basis!

Given the fact that Western Union possesses over 33,000 service outlets in China, money transfers to China are as much safe and simple as if you would hand over your money to your friends or relatives in person.

Western Union money transfers are:


Your money transfer will become payable in the destination point in a matter of minutes 2 after sending. Western Union Money Transfer® system enables its customers to receive money in any of more than 1,600 service outlets of Kazakhstan in fast, convenient and safe manner.


Every money transfer is assigned a unique ten-digit Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN), which enables to track a transaction in Western Union system. MTCN is confidential information, which sender informs to the transaction receiver only.

Millions of people rely on Western Union system in case of need to support family and relatives or help travelers in case of emergency.


Nearly 500,000 Western Union offices in more than 200 countries in the world enable to send and receive transfers without opening bank account. At your discretion, you may take advantage of additional service of sending text message with your transfer. Execution of transfer is quick and simple.

1 Western Union withholds spread between the rates in the payout country and Western Union internal rate.

2 According to the terms of rendering this service, you need to take into account certain requirements in respect of transfer amount, payout country, currency, legislation, personal identification, working hours of service outlet, lag time between time zones, as well as other applicable limitations. Detailed information is available in the To Send Money application.