OREANDA-NEWS. June 15, 2012. In Omsk State Agrarian University of P.A. Stolypin was held solemn ceremony of opening of planting works of the project Grow Your Own PARK!, reported the press-centre of Titan.   

 Grow Your Own Park! is an educational program of the federal project PARK which should tell the young generation about agriculture of Omsk region and about agroindustrial complex of PARK. The participants are pupils of 1-6 classes of schools and orphanages of Omsk, Omsk and Novosibirsk regions. Organizers of such an unusual project NP Center of Innovations, Group of Companies Titan operators of PARK, and also Ministry of Education of Omsk region and OmGAU of P.A. Stolypin.

This year 53 teams from 22 municipal districts of Omsk region, the city of Omsk and the city of Tatarsk of Novosibirsk region participated in the project (in 2011 29 teams from 11 municipal districts of Omsk region participated in the project). Residents of Novosibirsk noticed in their application that they dont have such projects in their region, and they would participate in the program Grow Your Own Park! with pleasure, if the rules allow.

54-th team appeared quite unexpectedly: pupils from 136-th school of the city of Omsk came on excursion to the famous botanical garden of OmGAU, and, seeing well-dressed participants of the project Grow Your Own PARK! with beautiful agropackages and balloons, got interested and asked to make them full-right contesters. The organizers gladly supported their initiative.  

Alterations were made not only in the number of the participants. The number of crops which the contestants would have to grow on their school plots was increased from six to eight: to the last years oats, barley, wheat, triticale, pea and vegetable haricot were added beans and grain haricot.

Along with seeds the young agrarians received the Diary of Observations which prescribes order of soil and plantlets treatment, sowing of seeds and harvesting for each culture, formulae for productivity calculation. Separate pages are used for graphic material and photographs of agroprocess. The participants of the project Grow Your Own PARK! will be engaged in all this agricultural and research work until September.

After harvesting the participants will have to make a creative handicraft from produced grains and seeds which they will present to the jury alongside with the diary. The jury will include the president of NP Center of Innovations Mikhail Sutyaginsky, rector of OmGAU Sergey Petukhovsky, First Deputy Minister of Education of Omsk Region Galina Loseva etc. The works will be appraised in three nominations: The Best Diary, The Best Harvest and The Best Handicraft.