OREANDA-NEWS. June 15, 2012. A number of users of mobile communication grew 16,06% to 3 mln. 771,5 thou.by the end of Q1, 2012 as compared with the same period of 2011; 91% of them, that is 3 mln. 211,9 thou. are active users.

According to ANRCETI, the level of coverage of these services increased 14,7 p.p. to 106% per 100 heads. According to reports presented by Orange Moldova, Moldcell and Moldtelecom, mobile communication operators, 3 mln. 624 thou. of a total number of users subscribed to mobile phone service, 144,3 thou. subscribed to mobile internet service and the rest subscribers used other services of mole communication.

In the reporting period an amount of voice calls made up 1 hour 56 minutes per capita (5,9% down as compared with the past year); every subscriber sent 19 SMS (-36,3). A monthly internet traffic generated by one user of mobile telephony and one subscriber to mobile internet made up 22 MB and 5,8 GB respectively. An increase in a number of subscribers and of traffic allowed the three providers to receive incomes from mobile communication services at a sum of 820,5 mln. leis, 1,7% up as compared with the same period of the last year.

The Orange Moldova sales volume decreased by 0,4% to 576,6 mln. leis; the Moldtelecom sales volume grew by 23,3% и составил 36,4 mln. leis; the Moldcell sales volume rose 4,7% to 207,4 mln. leis. At the same time, the monthly average revenue per user (ARPU) equalled to 90,4 leis in Orange Moldova, 50,6 leis in Moldcell and 48,2 leis in Moldtelecom.

The decline of the indicator was explained by lower tariffs for retail services rendered to final users and lower tariffs for wholesale call termination service in mobile networks. Within the reporting period the greatest market share by sales turnover, 70,28%, was occupied by Orange Moldova. Market shares of Moldcell and Moldtelecom made up 25,28% and 4,44% respectively.