OREANDA-NEWS.  June 15, 2012. In the selection campaign for "2012 Outstanding Investment Banks in China," sponsored and held by Securities Times and participated in by key domestic securities companies and commercial banks, Agricultural Bank of China Limited (ABC) won the highly coveted award for "Best Investment Bank". ABC also won four other highly prized awards - "Best Financial Adviser Bank ", "Best Syndicated Financing Bank", "Best Bond Financing Project" and "Best Syndicated Financing Project". This is the fourth consecutive year ABC's investment banking business has won the "Best Investment Bank" award, reported the press-centre of ABC. 

In 2011, the investment banking department of ABC made great efforts to improve management mechanism, strengthen product innovation, and optimize business structure and updating services so as to enhance market competitiveness and sustainability. It achieved annual investment banking revenue of RMB16.257 billion, ranking first in terms of proportion in fee-based business income.

Its growth rate leds the four largest commercial banks. In terms of financial advisory services, the regular financial advisory platform version 2.1 was launched, which greatly improved capabilities in regular financial advisory services.The listing financial advisory business was enhanced, with another 84 customers under contract added to the portfolio. In order to promote green financial development, pilot programs have been launched to advance CDM income right financing and contract energy management financing advisory services. In terms of financing businesses, major underwriting of debt financing instruments reached RMB169.94 billion, up 46.6% from 2010; syndicated loan balance reached RMB305.11 billion, up 24.7% year on year; and a total of RMB11.404 billion M&A loans were approved throughout the year. In terms of asset management, ABC explored innovative financing and wealth management and provided financing and wealth management services for 126 key customers. It also actively carried out studies on and preparation for asset securitization.

The awards selection campaign was initiated by Securities Times, one of China's four major securities newspapers. It enjoys high popularity and influence within the industry. The jury was made up of 80 professionals, including 50 senior management members of sponsors, 10 public funds investment directors, 10 registered inquiry organizations and 10 intermediaries such as accounting firms and law firms.

From the perspective of an independent third party, the jury ensures impartiality and authority for the selection of the final winners. The fact that ABC won "The Best Invesment Bank Award" and a number of other key awards for four consecutive years fully reflects the high regard held by experts and media for ABC's investment banking business.