OREANDA-NEWS. June 15, 2012. A foreign delegation of forty specialists from the nuclear industry and nuclear equipment suppliers visited the construction site of Units 3 and 4 at Rostov NPP. The visit took place in the framework of the international forum “Smart Engineering Design. Complex Product Life Cycle Management” and aimed at creating a common information space.

The units under construction were visited by representatives of the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Belarus, China, Vietnam and India. During the visit the foreign specialists were shown to the construction site and demonstrated operations of office for construction process control.

Also, specialists of the principal contractor, NIAEP-ASE, explained the guest how the ROSATOM Production System (RPS) works to reduce time costs from formalization of the documentation and equipment through optimization of each field working place.

The guests toured to the pre-assembly site where the equipment is pre-assembled as larger items and to the visualization center where it is possible, using special computers to make a virtual journey, on a large screen in 3D, to any room of the plant’s basic initial facilities, move along it, carry out necessary measurements and manipulations.

After the visit the foreign guests were unanimous that there are many things to learn from the Russians. “What we have seen proves that Russian methods and technologies used for building such complex facilities as NPPs deserve to be adopted as valuable experience. At least, this visit has become very useful for our company,” Pavel Ender, an engineer at ARMATURY Group a.s. (Czech Republic), shared his impressions of the visit.