OREANDA-NEWS. June 15, 2012. Erection of mining shovel started at the customer's site in May. The machine is planned to be put into operation by the beginning of August. The contract for the mining shovel delivery was signed in January 2011.

The EKG-12А is one of the best models of Uralmash modern school of machine-building.   Some time ago a similar machine was put into operation at Kachkanarsky GOK, at present another machine is in the process of shipment to the same customer.  

The EKG-12А is equipped with a new electric drive system with static converters. This will contribute to energy saving, service life increasing at high production efficiency and also improves noise and vibration characteristics. The design of the boom has been strengthened in accordance with operating conditions and working equipment has been changed. Besides, an improved automatic protection system, prototype cabin with double-glazed windows and air purification system to avoid harmful mixtures from pit was implemented in the machine. The mining shovel is equipped with a powerful information system. For example, apart from traditional information regarding operation of main and auxiliary drives, mechanical equipment, lubrication system, temperature, etc. displayed on the monitor screen, the operators can also see image transmitted from four video cameras installed at process required locations.

The EKG-12А is the model that Kovdorsky GOK purchases for the first time. Kovdorsky GOK plans to renew the shovels. One more contract was signed for another machine which is to be delivered in the first quarter of 2013.