OREANDA-NEWS. June 18, 2012. During a working visit to the Kharkiv region, in Chervonyi Donets town, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov visited a branch of State Savings Bank JSC where examined how payment for the inflated savings invested in the former USSR Savings Bank is being carried out.

Prime Minister talked to investors who are getting the money. They noted that unlike in 2008 compensation payments process has been organized clearly, efficiently and without queues.

"I'd like to thank you that everything is very well thought over and organized. There are no problems unlike 2008, when our people even lost consciousness in the queues. We think that your government and you personally have worked very well. It would be desirable that it proceeded so further. We believe you will succeed," said one of the depositors.

PM emphasized the current payments - a restoration of justice that is initiated by the President, and assured that justice will step by step be restored in all areas due to economic growth and thus increasing wages, pensions and other social benefits: "With increasing capabilities of the state, economic growth, we will restore step by step social justice in all areas as well."

Prime Minister recalled that last week he overseen how payments are occurring in the Kyiv branch of Sberbank. And today he once again became convinced that the compensation running like clockwork: either it is in the capital or in the distant village.

"During each of my trip I will personally supervise the payments progress. Everything must be organized up to top-level in each branch ranging from Kyiv and ending with the small settlements," said Mykola Azarov.

The payments of compensations have been launched June 1, 2012. As of June 14 payments have been received by more than half a million depositors amounting to 505,043,640 UAH.