OREANDA-NEWS.  June 18, 2012. Recently, Mr. Jiang Chaoliang, Chairman of Agricultural Bank of China Limited (ABC), inspected the operations of Jiangsu Branch. During the inspection, he solicited opinions and advice and learned about current business operation of the branch. Mr. Jiang Chaoliang asked the branch to pursue progress while maintaining stability and to serve Sannong and the real economy. Guo Haoda, Vice President of ABC, and heads of related departments of the Head Office also joined in the inspection, reported the press-centre of ABC. 

Luo Zhijun, Secretary of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee together with Li Xueyong, Governor of Jiangsu Province and Li Yunfeng, Member of Jiangsu Provincial Standing Party Committee and Executive Vice Governor met with the delegation headed by Mr. Jiang. Li Xueyong pointed out that ABC is one of the major banks with great influence in the national financial system, and ABC Jiangsu Branch is one of its largest branches with a great number of outlets and consistently good performance. The branch has been making substantial efforts over the years in supporting Sannong and the county-level economy in Jiangsu as well as promoting regional development. Li hoped to strengthen cooperation with ABC to promote the sound and rapid development of Jiangsu economy.

Mr. Jiang said, the real economy of Jiangsu was characterized by a solid foundation and a sound social credit environment that provides a promising platform and opportunities for ABC. ABC will increase its financial support with a focus on the key work of the provincial party committee and government and major sectors, while improving its own service capability.

Mr. Jiang underscored five requirements of the work for the branch.

First, important instructions of central government officials on the work of ABC shall be implemented. Efforts shall be made to scientifically formulate development plans and provide modern commercial banking services; ensure sustainability of Sannong business; and promote universal coverage of the new countryside cooperative medical system and its new rural insurance and direct subsidy from the central government. Considerable support shall be given to leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization. Effects should be made to enhance internal management to reinforce strict regulations, assessment and control.

Second, ensure correct understanding on the general tone of seeking progress while maintaining stability, which is significant for ABC. "Stability" is the foundation for promoting business transformation, the key to improving management and the guarantee for scientific development. "Progress" is the ultimate objective and basic assurance of stability. Ensure steady operation and formulate practical development objectives.

Third, proactively respond to market competition. Consolidate the achievements and market share of Jiangsu Branch, and maintain and improve its status in Jiangsu Province and in ABC.
Fourth, further consolidate management foundation. Explore new methods and approaches for grass-roots and fundamental management and create novel experience.

Fifth, intensify team building at all levels. Strengthen study on political theories, enhance awareness of overall situation and responsibility, and improve capability of leading and managing teams. Learn about modern commercial banking and draw on advanced experience from other banks to improve competitiveness.