OREANDA-NEWS.  June 18, 2012. J.P. Morgan announced the opening of its 8th annual China conference. The event will host 2,000 distinguished delegates from 35 countries, including fund managers representing firms with over USD 10 trillion of combined assets under management, reported the press-centre of J.P. Morgan. 

The conference takes place at a time when the Chinese government is stepping up its efforts to boost consumption and investment, amid increased signs of deceleration in the domestic economy. Jing Ulrich, Chairman of Global Markets, China for J.P. Morgan, said that policy developments in Beijing continue to influence global markets, as investors increasingly look to China for stability and growth.

“Policymakers understand China’s fundamental economic challenges after years of breakneck growth. While these have been addressed in the current five-year plan, the crisis in Europe clearly makes the transition more challenging in the short term”, said Ulrich.