OREANDA-NEWS. June 18, 2012. The quantity of breeding cattle on Miratorg farms in Bryansk region keeps growing.

On the 6th of June, employees of Bryansk Meat Company LLC (being a part of ABH Miratorg) successfully completed the acceptance of another shipment of breeding Aberdeen-Angus cattle from the USA.

Coming back to year 2009, ABH Miratorg with the support of the Government of the Russian Federation initiated in Bryansk region the implementation of the greatest in Russia project on production of high-yield cattle breeds for the purpose of domestic meat production development and providing the Russian consumers with high-quality beef. As of today, this project on cattle meat production is the world’s No.1 as far as the volumes of Aberdeen-Angus breeding stock is concerned.

Another specialized vessel arrived to Ust- Luga port (the Leningrad region) from the USA on the 3rd of June. There were  4 770 heads of Aberdeen-Angus breeding cattle  on the board.

After eighteen days of sea voyage, the animals were successfully transported to Bryansk region. 163 units of special transport means were put in place for cattle transportation, including 34 two-level trucks.

In Bryansk region, the acceptance of this shipment of Aberdeen-Angus cattle was carried out in two districts at a time –Trubchevsk and Mglin.

155 heifers as well more than 800 heads of bulls- the greatest shipment of earlier delivered by the Holding- were stocked on  Kotlyakovo farm in Trubchevsk district. 720 heads of heifers were stocked on Uzha farm in Trubchevsk district.

In Mglin district of Bryansk region,  3 086 heads of newly arrived cattle were stocked on Vetlevka farm.

All delivered cattle is healthy and located for quarantine performance.

Currently, the aggregate livestock of breeding cattle available on  16 farms of ABH in Bryansk region is total  58 thousand heads, of which 2 300 heads are the calves which were born on Komyagino and Kotlyakovo farms in Trubchevsk district.

In the fall of 2012, the total  amount of  dam herd on the farms of ABH Miratorg in Bryansk region will be 80 thousand heads.